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9 Unique Wedding Theme Ideas – Choose the One That Fits You –  Best Banquet Hall in Hyderabad

A wedding is a big and wonderful moment in everyone’s life. Every couple wants to make this day memorable and choose the best to make their marriage to be the talk of the town. They hand-pick everything from the Best Banquet Hall in Hyderabad to the wedding stage to wedding dresses. Everything would be top-notch. Today, people are going for a theme for their wedding. If you are stuck on which theme you should choose for your D-day, you can read this blog to get some theme ideas which you can consider for your special occasion. These are the themes that many people opt for. However, you can also customize them according to your tastes.

However, you can execute the wedding theme well only when you have enough space in the Best Functions Hall in Hyderabad you choose for your big day.

Do you think you need a wedding theme?

The wedding theme is certainly going to make your wedding place glamorous and filled with a lot of vibes. However, you might be stressed with a lot of things arranging for the wedding you choose the wedding theme and hand over the responsibility of its execution to the Event Management Companies in Hyderabad. They will create a wonderful setting that awestruck your guests. The backdrop would also make your wedding photographs beautiful. The theme would create a wonderful ambience and would entertain the guests

The theme is a concept that decides the wedding style. This style would be associated with aesthetics. Increasing the aesthetic value will create a whole new world for your wedding where you can enjoy all your wedding moments capturing beautiful pictures that you can cherish forever.

Following are the 9 unique wedding themes from which you can choose one of your choices:

1. Rustic Theme

It is an excellent choice if you are arranging the wedding outdoors. There are several fun things you can add to this theme such as lighting, candles and outdoor lamps. It is best for the night wedding to have this theme. Various other décor elements which you can add to the theme are mason jars and infused drinks. You can have this set up in the farmhouse or the wedding hall that has spacious outdoors.

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2. Vintage Theme

This theme is ideal for taking back to the olden days and having the traditional ambience. This theme goes well when you choose the Top Funtions Hall in Hyderabad that take a story about the generations like a mansion or historic courthouse.  The table clothes should be of muted colours. The right music will set the mood for the wedding and perfectly suit the occasion.

3. Modern Theme

The class wedding theme gives a rich look and makes you feel like a filmy wedding. It has the best colours and sharp lines in the wedding venue. The wedding gown or dress of the bride can also be contemporary to create a wonderful look. It is for the modern couple to have minimal decorations but that creates a wedding vibe.We are the Best Wedding Cetering in Hyderabad.

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4. Woodland Theme

If you love to stay closer to nature and are a nature lover, this woodland theme is perfect for you. The greenery around makes you feel like celebrating your wonderful moment of life with mother nature. The décor will have a natural green colour and use only eco-friendly products in the wedding.

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5. Festival Theme

A wedding is a festival for the family. You can turn the wedding into a festive look by adding tents, food booths and cotton candy machines to entertain guests of all ages. The return gifts for the wedding can be handmade crafts that guests will take for ages.we are the Best Catering Services in Hyderabad.

6. Royal Theme

Everyone loves to have a royal wedding. However, due to budget constraints, they stick to the ones that can afford them.  There will be accessories and chairs used around will be in golden colour to get the feel of the King’s court. This is extravagant and you can show off your personal touch in the wedding dress you choose.

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7. Destination Theme

Nowadays many prefer to go for a destination theme and away from their place and have this special moment only with close-knit family members. The  decorators will use only natural colours and the wedding dress you choose must match the local culture.

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8. Nautical Theme

This theme will make you feel like celebrating D-day closer to the ocean. You can add up the arm chairs and loveseats to set the tone. It has wedding decor which would include sails, ropes, anchors and buoys. It is highly popular today.

9. Alternative Theme

It is a unique style that will not fit the other theme categories. You can tap your creative juices with the decoration you have, the decorative cake you choose and clothing that is perfect for you.


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Tips to choose the right wedding theme

There are a lot of wedding themes put before you. It is you who must decide the theme for your wedding.We are the Best Wedding Banquet Hall in the Hyderabad. A few tips you can embrace to choose the right one include:

  • First, set the budget for the theme. People would go beyond the budget to choose the theme. However, make sure to pick the one that is light on your wallet. The theme is just 30%, but you also have to pay for the venue.
  • Consider the preferences of your spouse to reflect both of your choices in the theme.
  • You also need to choose a theme that would gel well with the venue you have chosen. The hotels are right for a vintage theme while the farmhouses are good to create rustic themes. Based on the venue, the theme depends.
  • The season should also be considered when choosing the theme. The rustic and natural theme would be perfect to choose for fall or winter.
  • The dress code also helps you in deciding the theme. Wearing a coat at a festive wedding does not go well. Therefore, the theme and dress code should go hand in hand.


Wedding themes are fun to pick from. Once you finalize the venue by taking the help of an events Organisers in Hyderabad, the next big thing is to choose the right theme that can impress everyone and let you have the fairy tale wedding you have been dreaming to have.